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Service: We persist in with stable quality and advanced technology to meet customer demands. Work esteem: The factory is my family" as work attitude

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At the present, we are supplying the Mechanical Anchors and Stone Cladding Clamps for number of important projects through various National


Innovation: We commit ourselves to R & D, and innovation and bypass status with active attitude agitated mind, expecting to lead in the world.

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Axel Industries, a firm certified for quality management system, under ISO 9001:2008 & one of the leading, growing professionally managed organization, specialized in manufacturing and marketing of verities of Mechanical Anchors, Stone Cladding Clamps, Chemical Anchoring Injection system, and alike fixings to suit the needs of most demanding construction market. The system is perfect and prominently adopted in various constructions because of its long term advantages. Some of the Uses are : -

It fixes the base material more effectively and fastened it firmly, while fixing for Concrete, Solid Brick, Concrete Block, Hard Natural Stone or any other hard media etc.

Stone Cladding Work, Air Conditioning, Fire Fighting, Electrical, Steel Structure (Rebarring), Metal Roofing Sheet, Fašade work (Cladding Glazing ACP), Suspended Ceilings, False Floor, Railing, Doors, Brackets, Cable Tray, Heavy Machinery, Plumbing, and other works of similar type.

Plants, Refinery's, Hydro Power Project, Nuclear Power Projects, Thermal Power Projects, Commercial Buildings, Metro Rail, Hotels, Malls, Airports, Hospital, Stadium and Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas Plants & all other Industrial Application.

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